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P. Graham Dunn
Laser Engraving Program

P. Graham Dunn supports one of the most exciting programs in retail, Personalized Laser Engraving. This is a new frontier in specialty retail, and over 150 stores are already participating. Personalize over 300 unique items including pens, keychains, magnets, pocket knives, note holders, mirrors, plaques, prints, picture frames, kids toys, desk accessories, bookmarks and much more. Watching them engrave is half the fun. Trade in the racks of merchandise that carry every conceivable name except the one you need. Carry less inventory as you engrave items as needed. Tweak designs to promote personalized Mother's Day gifts, or Father's Day, Easter, First Communion, Baptism, Pastor Appreciation, Fourth of July, Retirement, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, Memorials, Christmas gifts, and well, you get the idea! Never again turn a guest away because you don’t carry what they are looking for.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity to develop a personalization program at your store, call us at 800-828-5260 or email at laserteam@pgrahamdunn.com.

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P. Graham Dunn
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Summer 2014 Personalization Catalog

2014 Summer Personalization Catalog

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