Our Process

Over the past four years, P. Graham Dunn has made significant changes throughout to improve the production process. The addition of several new machines has allowed for streamlined manufacturing and now, many products can start on one end of the finishing department, hit the shelves in shipping, and be out the door within the day!

All of P. Graham Dunn’s products start in the milling department, where craftsman translate graphic designs into physical objects.  The wood is cut, sanded and shaped to the precise measurements that accurately reflect the artists’ original vision.

Once milled, these pieces make their way to the finishing department where painting, staining and print application is performed.   Prints are applied, aligned and wiped to perfection.  Following print application, a thin layer of texture is applied resulting in a refined, polished final product.

After drying, the artwork makes its way to the packaging department where they are assembled and packaged.  This process ensures quality control and provides a standard of excellence as each piece is handled and reviewed by our staff.

Finally, items are hand-picked within our shipping department; orders are fulfilled with a high turn around rate and sent out via trucks, making their way to our loyal customers and dealers.

Each step of the way, each piece of artwork and décor pass through many hands that result in elegant pieces of art that beautify homes throughout the country.