Christmas Garland Styling

Decorating your home for the holidays certainly doesn’t make or break your Christmas gathering but it definitely adds warmth and a festive touch! This year I am gifting you four simple tips to Christmas mantle styling. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a fireplace, find a shelf, hutch, or sofa table and use the same methods and tweak as needed!


First things first, choose your anchor. Your anchor is that perfect piece you would like to highlight otherwise known as your focal point. In this case, I have chosen none other than a P. Graham Dunn piece that displays the perfect Christmas sentiment to my guests. This piece is the one you will focus your entire display around, so choose wisely!


Second, find an ideal piece for layering. I chose a vintage window and, as you can see, I went with something a little larger for appeal. By layering with your anchor, you will add dimension to your décor without distracting from it.



Your next order of business is to choose a few décor pieces to compliment the anchor piece. Remember, these are NOT the showstopper so consider understated candlesticks or bottle brush trees to balance out the overall asymmetrical look.



Lastly, add all the texture. I personally feel this is what makes the space. Add in layers of garland with touches of unexpected Christmas floral picks. You may also consider a bucket of firewood or a cozy blanket on the hearth for not only extra texture but to even out the weight of the fireplace as a whole.


There you have it! A few simple tips and tricks that will create a little extra something for your next Christmas gathering. This, of course, is just one method of mantle styling, and certainly not the only way. Feel free to add in your own pizzazz! Remember, it’s not always about creating a magazine-worthy home, but a home unique to you and your style! Praying you have a wonderful Christmas & a blessed New Year!



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