Pallet Décor

He Has Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time
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Featuring a faux 3D windmill as the focal point, this rustic pallet has a distinct farmhouse look and feel. A country-inspired sentiment surrounds the blades, completing the design. Include sawtooth hangers for wall application and alignment.

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Pallet Décor

Crafted from natural, kiln-dried pine slats to provide an element of authenticity, this hand-assembled sign is designed to bring a warm, rustic touch to any home. Includes sawtooth hangers for wall application and alignment.

Pallet Décor

Constructed to imitate the look of a shipping pallet, this piece is assembled using spaced-out pine slats. Weathered distressing and design, paired with an inspirational sentiment, creates a piece that is simple yet refined. Includes sawtooth hangers for wall application.

Oversized Décor

This circular sign was created to resemble the lids of old, wooden shipping barrels. With an artistic and weathered design, applied faux slats, and an encouraging sentiment paired on top this piece is the perfect addition to any room.

Printed Sign

This collection ranges from serene images of awe-inspiring natural wonders to majestic animals residing in their habitats. Encouraging sentiments and scripture are then overlaid the imagery to complete the piece. Constructed from MDF, each print includes a pocket mount for easy wall application.