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18th Annual Dealer Conference
Dealers, Reps and Friends,
Christmas for P. Graham Dunn comes on the third Tuesday of every March. This year we have over 500 registered guests attending from all over the country. Basically, this is a full-blown one day trade show for the giftware industry with one caveat - P. Graham Dunn is the only exhibitor! For that reason alone, we pour a tremendous amount of energy into making this as seamless event as possible, while at the same time, striving to provide value to the attendees in a number of different ways.
Morning refreshments when you arrive, a seated lunch on the third floor of our building for 500 attendees, brief updates on the state of the industry, the premiering of 400 new products, a huge cash and carry sale featuring seconds, overstock, returns, scratch and dent items (folks bring vans, trucks, and SUVs to haul items home with them), laser training for the personalization program, and a complete review of our January 2018 introduction in our 15,000 square foot retail outlet are the significant factors.
Another benefit to the event is opportunity to rub shoulders with leaders in the retail industry. Representatives from Gift and Dec will be spending the day with us. Retailers learn the most from other retailers. There will be a lot of information sharing at this event.
Our retail store has undergone another major reset. We do this for two reasons - to encourage our customers to keep coming back, but more importantly, to stimulate your imagination of what you could do in you own stores. Be prepared to take a lot of pictures.
I've been at this for 41 years. This will be our 18th Dealer Conference. I can guarantee you that a day spent with us on March 20th will reap benefits for your business throughout the rest of 2018.
It's not too late to register.
I personally look forward to visiting with many of my old friends next Tuesday, and hoping to make many new ones.
Peter Graham Dunn
Owner & Founder
PS - Our 400 SKU Spring product introduction is the best intro we've come up with to date!! You will love it! It is low priced and high quality, made right here at the shop in the heart of the largest Amish community in the world.
Questions? Ready to Register?
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