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DIY Christmas Ornaments
Guest Blog by Bethany Joy

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share today’s lovely, simple DIY project in collaboration with P Graham Dunn! If you’re like me, this time of year makes you want to craft even more. You love giving handmade gifts and are always looking for fun and easy projects to make for your loved ones. 


Ornaments are the perfect solution! Easy to make and customize, something you can be proud to gift, and something to be oh so cherished by the recipient. Today I’m going to show you how to easily customize these wooden Christmas tree ornaments from P Graham Dunn. Be sure to check out this link to grab your fabulous trees before we get started. (P.S. you can use the code JOY during checkout for 15% off your purchase...isn’t P Graham Dunn the best?!) 


I’ll share my supply list below...the good thing about this project is that I used a lot of little supplies that you probably already have at home!


You will need: 

-Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament Blanks from P Graham Dunn 

-Acrylic Paint (I chose blush, pink, coral, peach, and metallic gold...oh, and white for lettering) 

-Paint Brushes (one medium brush and one tiny brush for lettering)

-Mini White Pom Poms (mine are from JoAnn)

-Metallic Silver Pipe Cleaner

-White Yarn

-Gold Metallic String

-Metallic Gold 3-D Heart Stickers (also from JoAnn)

-Hot Glue

-Gold Glitter




I’m going to be showing you the exact steps I took to make my set of 5 ornaments, however, this project is completely customizable...I’m sure you have some fun ideas for decorating your trees as well so feel free to use different colors, etc. and show us how you made yours!


Alright, let’s have some fun and create! 


Step 1: 

The first thing you’ll need to do is to paint each tree a base color using your acrylic paints. I decided to paint two coats for each and also decided to paint the front side and the back (even though I only decorated the front side of each...the backs of each ornament are still painted too). Allow your trees to dry before moving to the next step.    


Step 2:    

Use your tiny brush and white paint for this step. I chose 5 different words that I love for Christmas and lettered one word on each tree using the acrylic white paint. If you’re not a pro at lettering (yet...practice makes perfect!) then feel free to use small letter stickers for this step (available at any craft store). If you did choose to paint your words on, set the ornaments aside to dry before moving on to step 3.


Step 3:   

Now it’s time to add embellishments to our trees! This step is my favorite for sure.   

Feel free to customize these embellishments to fit your needs as well of course! 

  1. This might be the easiest of the 5 tree decorations. Add the gold 3-D heart stickers to your tree wherever you see fit. I added mine to the tree that says “love”. 
  2. Cut a small piece of white yarn and tie a bow, add the bow to your tree using a small bit of hot glue. 
  3. Use hot glue to add mini white pom poms on one of your trees! I chose to add the poms to my “joy” tree because pom poms just make me smile. 
  4. Draw lines with hot glue and add gold glitter on top. Be sure to do this step over top of some scrap paper or a plate so that the glitter doesn’t get everywhere when you brush the excess glitter off. 
  5. Bend a sparkly pipe cleaner around your tree to measure and cut. You should have enough for three pieces from one full sized pipe cleaner. I made sure each piece had enough to fit around the sides but not the back. I used hot glue to secure each piece into place to make some cute garland for my tree! 

Step 4:

Thread some ribbon or string through the holes of each tree so that you can hang them up! You could choose any type of thin string for this step, I chose some sparkly gold string and tied in a knot. You could also tie each one in a bow if you wanted. 

Step 5: 

Hang on your tree or gift wrap them up! (stay tuned for a fun blog post coming soon to add some joy to your gift wrap, too). These ornaments are sure to delight your friends and family as you share them this year! 


P Graham Dunn truly has some amazing products for all your crafting needs this season and we love seeing what you create! Be sure to give their website a visit and share what you make by tagging us on social media: @pgrahamdunn and @bethanyjoy_art

We are both always so thankful for your support!  Happy creating!






DIY Carved Inspirational Sign
Guest Blog by Bethany Joy

I just know you are going to love my next DIY project showcasing another wonderful product from P Graham Dunn! This month, I’m going to walk you through my process of creating a fabulous “Love Always” wooden sign for your home. 



Let’s get started with the list of supplies you will need:

-Acrylic paint in assorted colors of your choice - I used: grey, white, hot pink, peach, light blue violet, bright aqua green, and lime green. 

-Paint brushes: I used a 2 inch brush for the background and a smaller brush for the letters

-Mechanical Pencil

-Sawtooth hanger (to add to the back for wall hanging) + hammer + nails

-Clear Coat - I used Kamar Varnish Spray.

-“Love Always” Carved Wood Sign from P Graham Dunn (or word sign of your choice from P Graham Dunn*)


*Did I mention that you can choose from a wonderful selection of word signs from P Graham Dunn? Their word signs are truly awesome because the letters are uniquely CARVED into the wood! Here’s a list of words available with the links to the product: blessedyou & megatherlove alwaysfamilyhome, and welcome.



When you’ve got all your supplies, we’ll get started! Please keep in mind that you most definitely can customize your project with the colors of your liking. I used my personal favorites, but think of how cool this sign would be in shades of blue for a beach home or in neutral-toned colors for a more simple feel...the possibilities are endless and oh so beautiful!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I’d definitely say that this is an easy project that anyone can do! You’re going to love the process and the results.



Step 1: Paint entire sign one acrylic paint color, (for this step, I chose grey).

Make sure the paint goes inside the carved letters and remember to paint the sides, too!  Allow time from the paint to dry. 



Step 2: After the first solid layer of color dries, use 2 inch wide rough bristle "chippy" brush to paint the second color of acrylic paint, (I chose white).

This brush will allow you to “see through” to some of your base coat color because the bristles are more spread apart. You can see the details of what I’m talking about in the image below. This brushing method allows for more of a distressed/rustic look. Once you’ve got this coat painted to your liking, you’ll want to set it aside to dry completely before proceeding.




Step 3: This is where the process gets really fun! Choose several acrylic paint colors for your letters. 

The paint colors I chose are hot pink, peach, light blue violet, bright aqua green, and lime green, along with white for mixing shades of each color. You should select a small/medium sized brush to add your colors to the carved letters. It can get tricky keeping the paint from getting “outside the lines”, but we’ll touch it all up later. Begin painting with one color, adding brush strokes throughout each letter. I continued adding each color until all the letters were filled in with all of the colors. I ended up painting a second coat of each color as well to blend my brush strokes making everything look more smooth. Once you’re satisfied with all the colors in your letters, set it aside to dry once more.


Step 4: Touch ups + details!

You’ll want to grab a small brush and your second base color (white for me), to go around the edges of all of your letters and touch up any spots where the colors might have gone outside the lines. Bet you were wondering what that mechanical pencil on the supplies list was for, too, weren’t you? This is my favorite tool for adding tiny white polka dot details to my paintings! You’ll want to make sure the led isn’t in use, then dip the tip of your mechanical pencil into the white paint (or whatever color), and add dots wherever you’d like to create extra whimsy in your letters! 


Step 5: After your sign is completely dry, spray on a coat of Kamar Varnish just to be sure your sign is sealed and protected. 

You also might want to add on some wall hanging hardware to the back of your sign. Pictured below are some options you could consider, depending on how you’re planning to display your sign. The sides of this sign are thick enough, however, that it could stand alone on a shelf, too. 





That’s it! I told you this project was easy! Do you love your new hand-painted home decor? P Graham Dunn truly has some amazing craft decor products for easily creating unique pieces of art for your home. They’re so generous as well and are offering all of you 15% off their entire site! Just type the code JOY in during check out to enjoy their sweet gift. If you create this project, please be sure to share and tag us on social media: @pgrahamdunn @bethanyjoy_art. We’d both LOVE to see your artistic creations! 





P. Graham Dunn Announces Additional Location in Canton

P. Graham Dunn is set to officially open a new retail location in Canton on November 1st, 2019. The gift and home décor manufacturer is opening its doors in the building previously occupied by Lifeway Christian Stores at 1100 30th St. NW, Canton, OH 44709.

P. Graham Dunn has a long history of producing American-made home décor in the heart of Amish Country. Their current retail location in Dalton will continue to provide inspirational products to its shoppers and serve as their flagship store. The opportunity to expand is a significant milestone for the company.  Andy Yost, Vice President of Sales says, “In an era where gifts, books and Bibles are being purchased online, we understand that in-store experience is paramount when drawing shoppers into a brick and mortar location. By opening a store in Canton, we are hoping to emulate the same experience shoppers get when they visit our Dalton corporate store—one that evokes inspiration, joy, and hope and provides an atmosphere of peace and calmness; a respite in the busy-ness of life.”

The new store will be open Monday – Saturday 10am – 8pm, and will feature a large selection of P. Graham Dunn’s modern, farmhouse, and inspirational décor, as well as greeting cards, Bibles and books, Melissa and Doug children’s toys, and other gifts. The store will offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, with features such as an interactive children’s area, where kids can play while their parent shops. On-the-spot personalized gifts will also be offered for last-minute shoppers and those seeking a unique, memorable item. Bargain shoppers will be able to shop the Factory Outlet to purchase discounted overstocked, discontinued, and unfinished merchandise.

Anthony Burdette, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, is eager for the store to open. “We are excited about this new venture – it provides us the opportunity to reopen a retail location that has served the city of Canton for over 40 years. We understand the importance of local business and hope that this new storefront will not only be a destination for our locally-produced décor and gifts, but also a place of inspiration, encouragement and togetherness for the people of Canton and its surrounding communities.”

Founded in March of 1976, P. Graham Dunn is a leading, domestic manufacturer of inspirational art, gift and home décor, currently distributing to over 8,000 accounts nationwide. Family owned and operated since its founding, the company recently became employee-owned in September 2019. This transition assures a continuation of company values and allows P. Graham Dunn to remain nimble and continue to adapt to an ever-changing gift industry. 

For information on the Grand Opening Sale and celebration November 1st - November 9th, 2019, visit P. Graham Dunn on Facebook by clicking here.