Anna's Chapel

Anna's Chapel Exterior Sunrise | P. Graham Dunn | Dalton, Ohio
 Anna's Chapel | P. Graham Dunn | Dalton, Ohio

Anna Miriam Dunn Knutson was born on December 23, 1975 and died on November 17, 2013. She was the first child of Peter and LeAnna Dunn. Most of her childhood years were spent on the family farm in the Sonnenberg Valley between Kidron and Dalton, Ohio. She attended Kidron Elementary, Dalton Middle School, Central Christian High School, Rosedale Bible College, Goshen College, and Kent State University.

In 2002 Anna moved to Portland, Oregon, where she met another Portland transplant, Joe Knutson, from East Grand Forks, Minnesota. They were married on July 24, 2004, and relocated to Ohio the following year where Joe began employment at P. Graham Dunn and Anna pursued her education.

Anna lived a full life, before and after her cancer diagnosis in December of 2008. She did not let cancer prevent her from the loves of her life: playing and teaching violin (especially to her niece and nephew); teaching (Central Christian, Kent State, Ashland University); her church family (Sonnenberg Mennonite), friends, travel, reading and writing. 

Anna's Chapel, on the P. Graham Dunn campus, is similar to the "Chapel of the Holy Dove" near Flagstaff, Arizona, where Anna and Joe visited when Anna was well enough to travel. Both of these rustic chapels were built as a place of peace and comfort, pointing to the "God of all comfort." Both chapels encourage visitors to express their thoughts and prayers on the wood surfaces. Our chapel was built to honor Anna, but it is really for everyone, for we have all lost loved ones. 

Now available, Peter Dunn Publishing has curated a 105 page collection of scripture messages, poems penned by Anna Miriam Dunn Knutson, and breathtaking images of Anna's Chapel and the grounds at P. Graham Dunn taken by local photographer Randy Fath. To purchase a copy of Anna's Chapel, click HERE.

Anna's Chapel | P. Graham Dunn | Dalton, Ohio

Anna's Chapel | P. Graham Dunn | Dalton, Ohio

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