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It wasn't until after I got married and we had a place of our own that I realized just how much I loved decorating and creating pretty spaces. We were newlyweds and had basically nothing to our name so we gladly accepted all the hand-me-downs we could get. I would do tons of shopping at local thrift stores and garage sales, piecing together all that would create a cozy home. The freedom to express my creativity was addicting.

With that freedom came some fun ideas. One I specifically remember was creating an end table in my living room out of old suitcases that I purchased from a friend for ten bucks. I was so excited that I shared my new creation on social media and had many friends tell me how much they loved what I had done. So fun, right? Shortly after, I had a not-so-nice comment made wishing me luck on keeping up with my home décor after having kids. I let it roll at the time because we were a few years away from even thinking about adding onto our family, but I have never forgotten that comment. That person basically told me that there was no way I could have a pretty house AND have kids. Well, I am here to tell you that I disagree and here's why!

While I may no longer wish to decorate with old suitcases as end tables, kids and a pretty home can most definitely happen, but you must keep a couple of things in mind. You are not the only person living there. We want to make sure we are creating spaces where kids can be kids and enjoy the space they're in because, after all, it's their home too and we want them to thrive in their own environment. With that said, decorating with kids means decorating with purpose. As you have babies, your house starts to feel smaller and smaller because with babies comes a lot of stuff, right? Toys, diapers, clothes, bouncers, car seats, swings, pack-n-plays, bottles, and did I mention TOYS?

It's important when styling a space that there is a specific intent for it. For example, in your entry way you may add a stylish bench with cubbies for shoes and coat hooks along with a sign and trendy patterned throw pillows. Functional for your kids while serving a purpose and it looks pretty and inviting! Win, win! We have something similar to this in our own home and not only is it all of these things, but it also promotes great discipline for my three-year-old as she can locate and put away her shoes on her own.

If you live in a two-story home like me, you may also need a designated space for toys in the main living area. So, snag a kid friendly cabinet or bin storage to hide the toys, hang some wall art above with a plant and voila! Appealing to the eye and it allows your kids to be kids right there in the living room. Last but not least, keep things simple. You and your kids will thrive in simple spaces. Less décor, less toys, more room for memory-making! Happy decorating!

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