Style With Intention

It's easy to look right and left and see everything the trends say your house SHOULD BE but have you ever just stopped and considered bringing only what YOU love into your home?

Gaining inspiration from the latest trending blogger and your Pinterest boards can be so helpful but what I've found personally, is how confusing it can become. If I try to take in too many ideas, everything tends to get over-complicated and I immediately feel the comparison game creeping in, leaving me feeling completely defeated. Anyone else?

My husband and I purchased a home just two short years ago. I was so excited to get my hands on the 1937 character-filled home complete with arched doorways, original hardwood floors, and brick surround fireplace. My overall goal was to update and decorate the home in ways that would only enhance its original beauty. I wanted to keep with the old colonial style while adding some, you guessed it...farmhouse flair! I loved the farmhouse style then and I still love it but something I did without even thinking was paint everything gray. This was right when gray tones were really becoming popular. Every pin on Pinterest and post on Instagram had homes adorned with gray walls, shiplap, and galvanized everything. This was the trend and while I still absolutely love the look, I failed to find what style truly screamed "Allie." I thought since it was neutral, I would love it for years to come. Truth be told, I grew bored of the cool-toned gray I had chosen for literally almost every wall in my home. So much so, I am in the process of repainting for a warmer modern farmhouse feel after realizing that is more mine and my family's style.

Sometimes I do believe it takes trial and error to pinpoint what you like. Paint colors can seem so trivial and quite honestly, paint is an easy fix. And if you are really into decorating, your style may change as often as the wind. But regardless, it's all about loving the space you're in so here is my first rule of thumb. IF you must use Pinterest for inspiration, spend some time pinning everything you see that you find beautiful and would love to have in your own home. Common sense, right? Here's the real tip. Once you've pinned a decent amount, go to your designated “Home Decor” board and scroll. What trends do you see? Do you love vibrant colors or primarily neutrals and wood tones? Do you love abstract art as a conversation starter or maybe filling your space with scripture inscribed P. Graham Dunn product?

Whatever it is, THAT is what you are drawn to most and it's a great starting point. From there, you can gradually create spaces that are filled with only what you love and aren't just the current trendy look that you may or may not get tired of in a year. When in doubt, always go with the more classic option. Changing throw pillows or a rug is much simpler than replacing countertop and tile.

As always, stay focused on your personal taste and how your home serves you. Decorating your home is fun but enjoying the life you live in it is the key to contentment in design!

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